5 Tips to Make Wearing Glasses More Comfortable

Wearing corrective eyeglasses is a big deal. Not only are they an opportunity to accessorize with style and flare, they are a literal necessity for many of us to see the world clearly. Eyeglasses are like any other item we wear on our bodies: if they aren’t comfortable, we don’t want to wear them.

The choices in frames and lenses available to us today are almost overwhelming. We want to look fantastic and we want to be comfortable while doing it. But the frames are only part of the package. The lenses need to be just right, as well.

You Have Choices

When your eye care professional gives you a prescription for glasses, it’s up to you to get the prescription filled. That means choosing frames and lenses. There are a couple of details you need to keep in mind when making your selection:

  • Your nose. This is the part of your face that supports your glasses. The bridge of your nose determines how firmly your frames will fit and will impact the distance of the lenses from your eyes.
  • Size of frames. There’s more to size than how great you look in certain frames. Lenses that are too small or too large can impact the effectiveness of your prescription. Improperly sized lenses can strain your eyes by making them work too hard.
  • Type of lenses. You can try on sample styles at your optical store to find what you like. Lenses are a different story. The type of lenses you have impact not only the clarity of your vision, but they can also change the balance of the frames you’ve chosen. They can dramatically increase or decrease the weight of the glasses and must be perfectly placed to give you the best possible visual field.
  • Your ears. Your selection of frames should not put too much pressure on your ears. If the fit is incorrect it can cause discomfort and potentially damage the skin.
  • Frame materials. If you have allergies to certain metals or materials, make certain you choose frames free of potential allergens.

For More Comfortable Glasses

When you’re working hard all day, the last thing you want to deal with is glasses that are uncomfortable on your face, constantly slide down your nose or rub the skin behind your ear to the point of irritation. You’d love to just take them off but you can’t; you need to see clearly to do your job. Here are some tips for making your glasses wear more comfortably.

1. Take a good look at the nose pads on your glasses. On most frames, these are separate pieces. They attach to the frames with screws and are adjustable. You can take them to an optical store and ask for help in getting them adjusted just right. You can replace them if needed.

2. Are you constantly pushing your glasses back up to the bridge of your nose? They may need a slight adjustment to the earpiece. If your frames are plastic, heat the frame by running the arm under hot water or heating it with a hair dryer for two to three minutes. You can then carefully adjust the angle of the bend.

3. For those times when a little extra padding is the answer, grab a pair of foam earplugs. Make a slit on the ear plug with a knife or scissor. Cut half-way through and down the length of the plug. Slip them on your glasses where they rest on your ears.

4. Metal arms can sometimes irritate the skin around your temples, especially if you sweat while you’re working. To prevent this, coat the inside of the arms with clear fingernail polish. 

5. If your metal frames feel tight or loose, you can adjust them at the temple by bending them inward or outward slightly. If you have plastic frames, you’ll have to apply heat first.

Keep What Works

Once you find a frame that is comfortable and looks fantastic, you can stick with it when your prescription changes by just replacing the lenses. This cuts the hassle of “breaking in” new glasses and saves money, too!

You have options when it comes to replacement lenses. You can get your new prescription lenses fitted to your present frames, and the whole process can be done online.

A Better Eyeglass Experience

You can get by with the most basic lenses in the most basic frames, but why would you? Consider the following options for your replacement lenses:

1.Know your pupillary distance.Sounds technical, doesn’t it? It isn’t. Pupillary distance is a measurement of the distance between the centers of each of your pupils. An accurate measurement here makes certain to center your replacement lenses in your frames. This puts the lenses at their most effective position.

Your doctor may include a pupillary distance on your prescription.

2. Go HD or go home. High definition has finally come to eyeglasses! These lenses take advantage of the latest digital technology. With HD digital progressive replacement lenses, you get incredibly precise, clear lenses.

With HD digital progressive lenses, you get a smooth transition between viewing zones. The viewing area is wider and clearer with no distortion around the edges of the lenses.

3. Go with prescription sunglasses.Getting a pair of prescription sunglasses makes certain you’ll never face the embarrassment of those clip-on shades that flip up. With prescription sunglasses, you can replace your lenses in your fabulous frames whenever you need to upgrade.

4. Lose the reflections.The surface of lenses will reflect light, which can be seriously annoying. You end up constantly adjusting your glasses to get around it. That problem is easily solved by adding anti-reflective coating when you order your replacement lenses.

5. Cut the UV exposure.When you order new lenses for old frames, be sure to ask for UV inhibitors. UV light can be harmful to the eyes, especially to children. Protecting your eyes with something as simple as UV inhibitors is not an extravagance; it is simply a smart idea.

Don’t Replace: Upgrade Instead

When you have a frame that’s perfect for your face and fits like a custom-made glove, why even consider changing it? You can replace the lenses with much less hassle, at a much lower cost and add the latest in features to make wearing glasses even more comfortable. Take a look at the replacement lens options available here 


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