Should You Change Your Lenses or Get New Glasses?

Taking care of your eyes is important; most experts recommend that you have your eyes examined once every one to two years. If your prescription has changed, you are faced with another decision: Should you buy replacement lenses or a new pair of glasses? There are advantages to both approaches, so you’ll need to research your best alternative.

Advantages of Getting New Glasses

There are times when buying new glasses is your best option. These are some advantages of getting new glasses:

1. You can update your look. 

Eyeglass styles change just like clothing styles. If your glasses look outdated or make you look old, it’s time for a new pair of frames and lenses.

2. You can replace uncomfortable frames. 

Glasses can grow uncomfortable over time. Your frames may just need an adjustment. However, if the frame isn’t the right size, you need to purchase a new frame.

3. You can help others less fortunate than you are.

When you get new glasses, you can donate your old frames. Charities such as the Lion’s Club collect glasses and recycle them to meet the needs of those who can’t afford new frames.

Advantages of Getting New Lenses

Contrary to what some people will tell you, it’s not always necessary to buy a completely new pair of glasses. There are many situations where all you need to do is add new lenses to your old frames. You’ll find a number of advantages using that approach:

1. Replacing lenses is much less costly than replacing frames and lenses. 

A large part of the cost of a new pair of glasses is the frame cost. This is especially true if you’ve purchased designer frames. Putting new lenses in your old frames is a fraction of the cost. And, when a supplier is Internet-based, with no office overhead, you can save 50-70 percent of what you’d pay at a local doctor or eyeglass store.

2. You don’t need to give up the frames you love.

Most people buy frames because they love them, especially if they wear glasses every day. If you’ve found the perfect frame, you don’t want to start that selection process over again every year or two.

If you consider eyeglasses to be a fashion statement, you may have one sturdy pair perfect for outdoor sports, one pair for casual activities and one pair for formal occasions. Buying replacement lenses for all of your glasses when your prescription changes is absolutely the most cost-effective approach.

3. You can save on your children’s glasses.

Children’s eyes change relatively often. If their frames are still in good shape, using replacement lenses is the perfect way to keep their prescription updated.

4. You can easily change the type of lenses you use.

If you’ve been happy with your bifocals then get a new job that requires hours of computer usage, you may want to switch to trifocal lenses. Or, perhaps you tried to save money with plastic lenses, but can’t get used to the distortion around the edges. You can upgrade to polycarbonate single vision, bifocal, trifocal or progressive lenses for just the cost of the lenses themselves.

In another situation, you may want to upgrade to Kodak eyeglass lenses, Varilux eyeglass lenses or Varilux comfort lenses because they offer the type of progressive gradation that suits your eyes the best. On the other hand, you might want to reuse a pair of glasses as sunglasses. Just order the lenses with your preferred level of tint and polarization, and you’re ready to go.

The reasons why you might want to change the type of lenses you use are almost endless! When you need a great pair of replacement lenses, the EyeGlass People are here to help. Use our Order Guide to learn all about the order process, or Contact Us with questions.


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