Popular Designs for Eyeglass Frames

Skip those stereotypes: eyeglasses certainly aren't for nerds. Eyeglasses are for anyone who wants clear vision. And who doesn't want clear vision?

From the guy next to you on the bus to that ever recognizable Hollywood film star, people are wearing some great eyeglasses these days. The frames come in all shapes and sizes, which can add instant appeal while helping you see better. Don't hide your eyeglasses. Wear them with pride! Read on for 10 celebrities who aren't afraid to show off their prescription frames wherever they go.

Scholar Frame: Justin Timberlake

Clearly, Justin Timberlake is a fan of thick frames. These frames work well with his face, and they play off his thick eyebrows as well. The top and bottom frames are quite flat, and that lack of curve helps draw attention to the eye instead of the frame.

Amanda Frame: Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys' face shape has a striking yet attractive contrast with these angular frames. The edge of the frame reaches the edge of her face, and her eyebrows arch nicely over the top. This type of frame is equally effective if you have a round, oval or heart-shaped face.

Josh Frame: Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has an angular face with a strong jaw line, and his frames have just enough of a curve at the edges to balance the look. Otherwise, lines that are too sharp wouldn't suit such a square face shape.

Solstice Frame: Jennifer Aniston

Not everyone can wear rounded tortoiseshell frames, but Jennifer Aniston doesn't hesitate to take center stage in them. The rounded corners level out slightly, and they play off her face shape without adding too much weight.

Kennedy Frame: Emmy Rossum

Although these frames are aimed at men, Emmy Rossum clearly shows how attractive they can be women. The thick top frame is balanced out by the narrow, nearly invisible lower frame. These glasses can also soften a square face by providing just enough mystery, and the difference in thickness complements any sharp lines.

Jean Frame: Tina Fey

In these frames, Tina Fey is ready to roll. They're not quite cat frames, yet they still have enough lift at either end to draw your attention. They are great for longer or more rectangular face shapes since they add some curves for balance.

Feline Frame: Rashida Jones

These feline frames are completely rounded, and they can help set off a long face shape. Rashida Jones is often photographed wearing these frames, and her overall look is perfectly balanced.

Justin Frame: Lisa Kudrow

A fan of aviator frames, Lisa Kudrow knows that the combination of rounded bottom frame and flat top frame works well on her face shape. Longer faces already have enough length; they can greatly benefit from a good balance.

Sara Frame: Zoe Saldana

Oval glasses work well on narrow faces like Zoe Saldana's, with the edge of the frames hitting right at her cheekbones. On a wider face, these frames might appear too small.

Lionel Frame: Jon Hamm

These frames are angular, as is Jon Hamm's face. The overall effect, though, is balanced by the frame height. You can get away with angular frames if you have a rectangular face shape; you just need to remember to keep enough height. Balance is everything. 


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