Anti-Reflective Coating: How to See Better

You need your eyeglasses to see clearly, but did you know you’re still not seeing at your best if the lenses are uncoated?

Eyeglass lenses with anti-reflective coating improve your vision because they eliminate glare, allow more light to reach your eyes, and make your lenses nearly invisible.

In fact, you might be surprised at just how much this small detail can improve your quality of life. If you depend on glasses, this type of coating can be the perfect solution to all kinds of vision issues.

But first, how does it work?

How Does Anti-Reflective Coating Work?

Anti-reflective coating, often called AR coating, is a microscopically thin layer that’s applied to your lenses in a technical process with precise steps.

The eyeglass lenses are meticulously cleaned and dried. Then, the AR coating is applied in a scientific process in a vacuum coating machine.

The resulting hard, thin optical film on the lenses has an index of refraction that’s between air and glass. This means light can pass through it more easily. In fact, the coating causes the reflections coming from both the front and the back of the lens to cancel each other out, which results in zero glare.

4 Benefits of Eyeglass Lenses with AR Coating

From seeing better to looking better, there are all kinds of benefits to getting a lens replacement with high-tech, anti-reflective coating.

1. You’ll See Better Through an Anti-Reflective Coating

With AR coating, because there will be no glare, that means more light can reach your eyes. When more light is available to your eyes, you can see better. As such, AR coating is especially beneficial for activities in low light, like driving in the dark.

2. You’ll Reduce Eye Strain

Uncoated lenses, including cheap plastic lenses, let light hit the lens and bounce around. This can make it more difficult to look for long periods at bright sources, like computer screens, car headlights, or even just the scenery around you when you’re outdoors on a bright, sunny day.

In some cases, you can even see the reflection of your own eye in your lenses. These visual distractions and impediments can cause you to squint and strain your eyes. Eye strain can mean headaches, blurred vision, and a tired or burning feeling in your eyes.

In contrast, an AR coating eliminates glare and reflections, which eliminates these problems.

3. You Can Work on Your Computer More Comfortably

Your computer monitor is a bright light source that can reflect off uncoated lenses, making it harder for you to focus for long periods of time. An AR coating makes it more comfortable to look at your computer screen, which means you can work without straining your eyes.

4. You’ll Look Better with Non-Reflective Eyeglass Lenses 

With zero glare on your lenses, you’ll not only see better – you’ll look better.

Think about having a conversation with someone whose glasses were reflecting light, which obscured their eyes from view. You may have felt uncomfortable because you couldn’t properly gauge their expression and reactions.

The eyes are an important feature – as someone famously said, they’re the windows to the soul. If your eyes are hidden because of glare from your glasses, your personality will be hidden, too.

Lenses with an AR coating eliminate this problem. Instead, your lenses will look nearly invisible in all kinds of light, which means people will be able to see your eyes better – in short, they’ll see you better.

Do You Have High-Glare Lenses? It’s Time for a Lens Replacement

If you have uncoated lenses, they may be interfering with your ability to see at your best.

The glare and reflections they bounce around can cause eye strain, headaches, and blurred vision. You may see “halos” around headlights when you’re driving at night, and you probably have to take lots of breaks when you’re working on a computer. You may even look unapproachable because the glare on your glasses hides your eyes from view.

If any of these problems sound all-too-familiar, it might be time for a lens replacement with an anti-reflective coating.

Different types of coatings can pinpoint any of these problems. For instance, if you spend most of your days behind a computer, you can get a coating that filters high-energy blue light, plus all the other benefits. You can even get a coating that’s smudge-proof, which helps keep the lenses cleaner.

No matter what type of AR coating you choose, any of them will help you see better. That means your life will be better, too.


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