Autumn of Your Schoolboy: Eye Vitamins, Proper Nutrition, Eyeglasses and Eye Doctor

Children in school need excellent vision to keep up with their school work, learn to read properly, and write legibly.

With more and more children using computers and laptops in class, there is also now a need for parents to fix meals that cater to the demand placed upon their children’s eyes. Worldwide, more than 23 million children experience vision problems, where an estimated 95% can be corrected if caught early.

Best Food for Maintaining Good Eyesight

In order to maintain good eyesight, you as a parent need to make sure you include the following in your children’s diets:

  • Plenty of leafy green vegetables such as spinach, kale, cabbage and collards;
  • Fish rich in omega fats like salmon and tuna;
  • Protein-rich foods such as beans, eggs, and nuts;
  • Citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruits, and tangerines.

A well-balanced diet is the first step to good health, and good overall eye health.

Vitamins to Help Your Child’s Eyesight

According to the Myopia Institute, your child needs to have foods that are rich in vitamin A such as eggs because these help reduce the chances of developing night blindness in children and also prevents drying out of eyes.

Carrots are a must-have food as they contain the much-needed beta-carotene which helps to maintain the ocular structural integrity of your child’s eyes. Beta-carotene is also needed for promoting the functioning and overall health of all eye components.

Vitamin C is another crucial vitamin that you simply cannot miss. This vitamin not only boosts immunity and your child’s immune system but it is also a great agent for increasing resistance to the development of eye diseases and infections. Make sure you pack a lot of citrus fruits and strawberries in your child’s lunchbox.


The Importance of Regular Eye Checkups in Childhood

Only 14% of children aged 18 years and under have had their eyes examined. According to many eye doctors, the figure should be much higher. A lot more children visit the dentist than ever visit the optometrist. This is distressing because 7-12% of children have eye problems that can cause permanent loss of vision if not caught in time. 

As a parent, it is your duty to take your child to an eye doctor at least once a year. This way, the doctor can catch any problems, if any – on time. A treatment plan that mostly includes a prescription for spectacles will often be recommended. Glasses are not as expensive now, since all you may need to do is get new lenses for old frames.


Good vision starts with a healthy, balanced diet. Eye doctors have, for many years now, pointed out the benefits of starting children out with a big hearty breakfast before they go to school, and also to pack them a delicious, nutritious lunch.

Finally, remember that most childhood vision problems can be treated and corrected if you take your child to an eye doctor regularly and diligently.


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