Makeup Tips for Girls with Glasses

If you wear glasses, makeup application can be tough. How do you make people notice you, and not just your frames?

The good news is that you can make your facial features stand out the right way, even with lenses and chunky frames covering your face. Just a few tips for wearing glasses and makeup are all it takes. You can even complement the type of glasses you’re wearing for a flawless, sophisticated look.

Don’t hide behind your specs – instead, use them to enhance your style right along with your vision.

How to Wear Glasses and Makeup: 3 Looks to Try

Your glasses can hide your eyes and become the focus of attention, rather than your facial features. Combat this by applying your glasses makeup strategically. There are three looks you can try with three different types of frames.

But first, perfect your skin.

Start with a Flawless Base for Makeup for Glasses

Even out your skin tone first to create a smooth canvas for the rest of your makeup. Here are the basic steps:

  • Apply concealer to dark under-eye circlesand any blemishes. The area underneath your eyes is super-important because your glasses will cast a shadow there. Erase eye bags so you look as wide-awake as possible with glasses on.
  • If your skin needs some evening out overall, apply a thin layer of foundation that perfectly  atches your skin color.
  • Finish with a light dusting of powder to combat shine and set everything in place.
  • Add a healthy glow with some bronzer on your cheeks, the bridge of your nose, the tip of your chin, and the center of your forehead.

Once your skin is perfected and brightened, you can choose your glasses makeup look depending on the frames you’re wearing.

Look #1: Wire or Thin Frames and Daily Makeup

This is a neutral, everyday look that enhances your features but still appears natural and soft. A softer look works well with thin frames because these glasses aren’t as bold.

  • Start by applying a soft pink blush to your cheeks.
  • Brush your eyebrows up and out. Softly fill in any bare spots with a matching pencil.
  • Apply a light neutral eyeshadow all over your eyelid. Then blend a medium shade that complements your glasses frames from the lash line to your crease.
  • Apply a pencil or crayon eyeliner in a thin line all the way from the inner corner to the outer corner of your eyes. Get it as close to your lashes as possible to make them look thicker.
  • Apply mascara and a swipe of nude lipstick.

Look #2: Thick or Tortoise Frames and Evening Makeup

Thick frames in a dark color call for an equally bold lip to balance out the face. Keeping your eye makeup soft lets your glasses and your lips do the talking.

  • Complete all the steps in look #1, but skip the nude lipstick.
  • Apply a lip color in a bright, saturated hue. Try true red, coral, berry, or bright pink. To combat dryness, apply a moisturizing lip balm a few minutes before putting on your lip color.

Look #3: Colored or Unique Frames and Fashion Makeup

For this look, you’ll make your eyes look bold, but you’ll use neutral colors so they don’t clash with your cool glasses frames.

  • Use the same eyebrow, lipstick, and blush techniques as in look #1.
  • For your eyeshadow, choose the same light color as in look #1 and apply all over the lid, up to the eyebrow.
  • Next, choose a dark, neutral eyeshadow and blend it from the lashline to your crease. Make sure to go back over any harsh edges with the lighter eyeshadow color so it looks soft.
  • Using a waterproof liquid eyeliner, draw a thick line starting at the inner corners and working outward. Stay as close to the lashes as possible. Thicken the line as you reach the outer corners.
  • If your glasses frames are thick, smudge dark eyeshadow along your bottom lash line. This helps your eyes stand out and compete with chunky frames.
  • Finish with lots of mascara.

Makeup for Glasses Will Make Your Features Pop

If you want the attention to be on your face, not your glasses frames, try any of these makeup tips. You’ll look effortlessly pulled-together, plus, you’ll define your features to look your best.

You can choose a look based on your type of glasses, or you can throw the rule book out the window and experiment.

Glasses and makeup can go together seamlessly to create the style you want. Just remember to have fun with it and embrace your personal taste.


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