How to Protect Your Eyes in the Cold Weather: 7 Winter Eye Care Tips

The winter months can be a lovely, cozy time of year. 

In the midst of the holiday season, friends and family members get together more often. Some of the best comfort food of the year is served in the wintertime. And it’s the perfect time of year to cuddle under a fluffy blanket, sip some tea or hot cocoa, and watch a movie or read a great book.

Unfortunately, as enjoyable as this time of year is, the winter weather can also wreck havoc on your body.

People often complain of extra dry skin because of colder weather, but did you know that winter weather can also have an adverse effect on your eyesight?

What’s the best way for people to protect eyesight during this time of the year?

How Winter Weather Can Impact the Health of Your Eyes

The winter weather can adversely affect your eyes in the following ways.

1. Eye Dryness

People in climates with snow and sleet know that the cold winter months mean excessively dry skin. Low humidity, as well as harsh winds, can dry the eyes.

In addition, most people keep the heat running in the homes non-stop during this time of year. Artificial heat can also cause eye dryness.

2. Burning and Itching

Did you know that the cornea of your eye can actually freeze? It’s true, and the consequence is painful burning and blurry vision.

An unfortunate result of burning eyes is that they eventually start to itch. This can happen whenever you have dryness and/or inflammation, too.

3. Redness and Inflammation

During the colder months, inflammation can get so bad that it results in spasms of the eyelid. More common symptoms include blurry vision, excessive tearing, and pain.

4. Excessive Tearing

Teary eyes can make your vision blurry and if you keep wiping the tears away, the skin around your eyes can soon start to feel raw and tender.

5. Your Eyes Can Get Sunburn

With the bright UV rays being reflected off of the white surfaces, skiers and snowboarders are at heightened risk for sunburned eyes and snow blindness.

Winter Eye Care: 7 Tips to Protect Your Eyesight this Winter

What can you do to protect your eyes over the next few months?

1. Wear Protective Eye Care

Sunglasses are a must in winter. It’s also best to wear protective, UV-filtering goggles while playing in the snow.

2. Use a Humidifier in Your Home or Office

Want to keep your eye healthy? Then you need to keep them moist. A humidifier adds moisture to the air, making your eyes much more comfortable.

3. Drink Lots of Water

Water and decaffeinated teas are the best drinks to help you stay hydrated. Soups serve double duty – keeping you warm and hydrated.

4. Use Eyedrops As Needed

If your eyes are extremely dry – try some eye drops. Sometimes, these don’t help as much as you might like. In that case, it’s best to discuss your symptoms with your eye doctor. They can recommend another brand or even prescribe stronger drops to help you find relief.

5. Eat Salmon and Other Sea Food

One of the best ways to protect eyesight is with diet. The Omega-3 fatty acids in salmon and other fish stimulate tear production, keeping your eyes well hydrated.

6. Stay Away from the Heat

When you get inside your home or car after spending some time in the cold, the first thing you want to do is get in front of your heater. But it’s not great for your eyes. Make sure to divert any heat sources away from your face.

7. Contact Your Eye Doctor

To protect your eyes this winter, make a call to your eye doctor.

Regular appointments are important to ensure the health of your eyes. However, if you’re experiencing painful, red, dry, itchy eyes and your symptoms won’t go away – contact your doctor right away.

You could be experiencing severe symptoms or you could have an infection. Either way, your eye doctor should take a look.

Be Proactive About Protecting Your Eyesight Now and Into the Future

Eye care is an important part of everyone’s health care routine. To keep your eyes healthy, it’s imperative to get regular eye checkups, stay hydrated, and wear protective eyewear whenever you’re outside.

It doesn’t take much to protect eyesight. Taking just a few practical steps now will keep your eyes healthy this winter and beyond.


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