How and Where to Check Your Sight Online

How and Where to Check Your Sight Online

Most people have had an eye exam at one point or another in their life.

Whether you were just getting your vision checked or being fitted for glasses and/or contact lenses, you know how the process works. You press your face against a large machine, look through slides, and answer questions about the behest of your optometrist.

You rarely find out too much in the way of how they make their choice or what information they look through to get the result, but most people have wished the process was a little simpler or a little more affordable.

Getting an eye exam is much different in the digital age – depending on where its done.

While there are still plenty of eye doctors out there who swear that an in-person appointment is the only safe way to have your eyes checked, the internet is offering people the chance to handle this task themselves.

There are now options out there for people who want to check their eyesight remotely.

These online resources present new options for people who want to know how good their vision is or what type of corrective lenses they should get.

How Does an Online Eye Exam Work?

Though the thought of a remote vision-check once seemed like a dream, it’s now a relatively simple process.

Checking your sight online requires less than a half-hour if you’re prepared.

Most online eye exams start you off with a few basic questions about your vision. These can include a number of important factors about your current eye health and information about your previous treatments. You will likely be asked about:

  • Your Care of Your Eyes: Do you get regular eye exams? Have you ever used corrective lenses for an extended period that weren’t prescribed to you?
  • Previous Tests of Your Vision: You may be asked about the types of previous eye exams you’ve had. This can include inquiries about how extensive the testing was, and whether any conditions were found.
  • Any Conditions You May Have: Before you take your test, you’ll likely need to provide any information about conditions you have regarding your vision. This can include anything from cataracts to astigmatism.

The specifics regarding eye exams taken online can vary, as every organization has their own preferred methods. In most cases, you’ll be asked to calibrate your screen to ensure the information being transmitted to you to test your eyes is accurate and can provide reliable results.

Sometimes the calibration process can be done simply by measuring a common item, such as a credit card, on your display. You may also be asked to sync your phone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth – this will let you cycle through the testing phases just like your optometrist does.

Your vision will be tested as you answer questions about the specifics of objects, their colors, which one doesn’t belong in a pattern etc.

For testing your vision at long distances, you’ll be tasked to walk back a certain number of steps from your monitor based on your shoe size.

Online eye exams are a marvel of modern technology.

The connected world makes it easy to test your eyes, send the results off, and get a prescription without the hassle of reporting to the eye doctor.

Where Can You Test Your Sight Online?

The popularity of online eye exams has given way to many different options for those looking to test their vision remotely.

One of the most popular companies in the area of online eye exams is Opternative.

Their procedures and policies were used in the above example, and their practices have become somewhat of a standard throughout the industry. While there are other test providers, most of them require additional equipment and accessories. Opternative offers users the chance to get a hassle-free exam with no special tools needed.

There are many eye doctors out there who favor an old-fashioned approach.

While some would argue that this is in the name of economic self-interest, others are suspicious about the quality and reliability of digital eye-exams.

The affordability of these tests means anyone can try them – this makes it easy for you to judge first-hand how well your digital prescription stacks up to that of your local optometrist.

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