How to Buy Eyeglasses Online

How to Buy Eyeglasses Online

The eyes are said to be the windows to the soul. But if you can’t see anything out of them, your soul might seem a little clumsy. It’s important to keep up on your eye care, and to find the right glasses as you move into 2018. We’ve gathered a few tips together, to better help you shop online for the right frames and lenses.

Tip 1: Have Your Up-to-Date Prescription

It can be a hassle to get to the optometrist. But your prescriptions should be updated every other year, or more often if you’ve got certain vision issues, if you’re over eighteen years of age. So, even if you already know you’re going to buy online, prioritize getting that updated prescription.

Tip 2: Know Your Pupillary Distance

That distance is the space between your pupils, measured in millimeters. This will help with finding the correct optical centers for your lenses, and get you the clearest, truest vision possible in those corrective lenses.

Tip 3: Know How to Find the Right Pair

One of the trickiest things in buying eyeglasses online can be finding the right look. It’s important to know things like the shape of your face, your skin tone and how colors look with that, and, if you’re concerned with staying up on the latest trends, which ones would look good on you.

Face Shape

There are seven basic face shapes.

  • Heart-shaped
  • Oval
  • Triangle
  • Circle
  • Oblong
  • Square
  • Diamond

The shape of your face can determine how heavy a frame you should wear, what shapes look good on your face, and a host of other things that can make or break that look for you. Be sure to do some research into the right shapes and styles to wear for your face shape.

Skin Tone

Skin tones either fall within the warm palette, the cool palette, or the more neutral palette of olive skin. Knowing which colors will wash you out, or draw the wrong attention to your face will help you determine the right trends to follow through on.

Tip 4: Know Your Lenses

It’s important to know which kinds of lenses you need in your frames. The material, weight, optics available, and even UV protection levels can factor into the best pair for you. Lenses generally come in plastic – the most economical version – and polycarbonate, or high index materials that run lighter and more expensive for higher prescription needs.

Tip 5: Shop Around

If there’s a particular brand that you love, be sure to shop around at a few different sites before settling on one pair of frames. You could save money, but you could also find a better warranty, return policy, or other factor that makes this particular pair of frames just a bit better than the other pair. You might even find a different shade of frames on one site than the other three you first noticed.

Tip 6: Examine the Return Policy and Warranties

The better sites are going to offer easy-to-navigate return policies, and have warranties available for your glasses. A good return policy, for example, will allow the user to return a pair of glasses within 30 days for any reason, including just not liking how they feel or look.

Tip 7: Consider a Try-it-on-at-Home Company

Some sites actually offer the option to try their glasses on at home. This is a great option for folks buying online. After all, the photo might look amazing, but the model has a different face shape than you. If you try on a few different pairs to compare and decide which pair is best for you, you’ll narrow it down easier, and guarantee that you’ll be happy with the glasses you purchase. You may even love two pairs enough that you keep both to alternate throughout your work week.

Tip 8: Get Reimbursed by Your Insurance

Since eye care is generally covered by insurance, it’s important to make sure you get reimbursed for your new eyeglasses. The insurance should cover them, so take advantage of that, and get those trendy new frames for less or even free, depending on your deductibles.

It’s important to know key information before you shop online for eyeglasses. Having an up-to-date prescription, knowing how to fit frames to your face, and the sites return policies are critical for your satisfaction with any online experience. Be sure to shop around before buying, and always get reimbursed by your insurance, if your policy covers eye care.

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