Get Lenses for Glasses for a Fraction of the Cost

You need new glasses – but who has the time or energy (not to mention the money) to get a prescription, order new glasses, wait for them to arrive, and then go in for a fitting?

It doesn’t seem like the process really takes that long, but if you have a commute or are super busy at your job, something as simple as getting new glasses can seem like a real hassle.

Thankfully, has a time-and money-saving solution. We fabricate lenses for glasses. You get to keep your old frames, but you get new lenses for your glasses. Clear sight is right around the corner!

How You Save Money by Switching to

Is it really worth it to send your existing frames to Definitely. In fact, you’ll find you save money on Rx lenses in a variety of ways.

Don’t Waste Money on Gas

Driving to and from the eye doctor’s office not only takes time, it takes gas. And it doesn’t take long before the costs start to add up. is a great option for people who live in rural areas and cities.

If you live in a rural area and have to drive 15, 20, 45 minutes into town, the amount of money you spend on gas adds up quickly. Yes, you can schedule your trip into town around other errands, but sometimes you just have to make the extra trip. Getting lenses for glasses via can save you a trip or two into town.

For those of you who are city dwellers, there’s nothing worse than being stuck in traffic. Having to make multiple trips to get new glasses can waste a lot of time and gas – especially if you get stuck in traffic.

Why not make life easier (and cheaper) on yourself by ordering glasses lenses online?

Don’t Pay for New Frames

A big part of the cost of glasses is not necessarily the glasses lenses – it’s the frames. Buying lenses for glasses that you love will cut the cost dramatically. In fact, you can spend less than $100 in most cases. Normally, new glasses can cost well over $300.

Get Prescription Lenses for Your Sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses are really expensive. The crazy thing about this situation is that you can get really cute, stylish, sophisticated frames for cheap at a department store.

Unfortunately, the lenses in those glasses won’t work if you need progressive lenses or any type of prescription lenses. is here to save the day! Send in your sunglasses and we’ll provide new lenses for the old frames. Because we’ve put new lenses in existing frames, you only pay a fraction of what it would cost to get prescription sunglasses.

We Add Exceptional Value to Every Order

In addition to helping you save money by fabricating custom lenses for glasses, we add extra value to your purchase with our professionalism, quality, and availability. is the complete package