Replacement Lenses: How the Replacement Process Works

Ordering replacement lenses from is a great way to save time and money, and to keep the frames you love. All you have to do is place your order, send the frames, and then a short while later, get the frames with replacement eyeglass lenses back.

But what happens on our end of things? To show you why is the best place for re-lensing, consider what happens during the manufacturing process.

Manufacturing – What Happens When We Fabricate Your Replacement Lenses

When receives your frames and prescription, they get started by determining whether they have to replace a lens or replace a pair of lenses. Some people only need one replacement lens because of certain eye conditions, while the majority of people need two replacement lenses.

This seems like a simple enough task – but some people just don’t read orders very carefully. We pride ourselves on checking and double-checking orders. Accuracy is our goal – and 50,000 replacement lenses later, we’d say we’re satisfying our customers’ needs for accuracy.

Eyeglass lens replacement then goes to step two: choosing the thickness of the plastic and figuring out the best convex or concave angles for the prescription you need. These angles will determine the strength of your prescription, and we work hard to get it right!

The next step in replacing the lenses is to add the necessary tints. When receives an order for general prescription lenses only, the techs have to add:

· UV tint protection

· Scratch-resistant treatments

· Durability treatments to ensure the strength of the eyeglasses lenses replacement

Of course, when replacing sunglass lenses, the techs will get the best tint for your needs – from lightly tinted lenses to fully dark ones.

Once the techs at have fabricated quality, durable lenses, then they’re polished and beveled and placed in your frames. In just a short period of time, you’ll receive your new glasses and be able to see your surroundings in beautiful crispness.

What Sets Apart From Other Re-Lensing Companies

When you order from, you can be sure that you’re getting a quality product. The replacement lenses we provide for our customers are some of the best you’ll find because we don’t believe in cutting corners.

We pride ourselves on providing the best replacement lenses at an affordable price. And we’re committed to high levels of customer service and satisfaction.

At, we encourage you to ask questions. Whether you call, email, or send us a message on social media – we will always respond promptly and provide you with accurate information. We’re a company you can depend on, and after eight years of service, 50,000 lenses replaced, and hundreds of satisfied customers – we’ve proven that!