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Do you need to replace your damaged or lost lenses as soon as possible?

If you have sensitive eyes but have damaged your eyewear and are in need of Bongo lenses replacement you have come to the right place. is here to make your life simpler.

Order Online in Three Easy Steps

We understand just how strenuous and inconvenient it is, having to leave your house to go and get your eyewear fixed. This is why we came up with this unique platform in 2009 to simplify the lives of millions of people all over the country. You can place an order to have your lenses replaced in three easy steps:

1.Fill out our online questionnaire

Firstly you need to input all the necessary details on our website. You’ll be guided every step of the way so you don’t have to worry about what you’ll need to provide. From lens thickness, to lens type, you’ll be prompted to answer very basic, but important questions. Once you are done filling in this part, including your address you’ll receive a box from us.

2. Receive box and send your old frames

This box comes with a prepaid label for shipping. So all you have to do is put your old frames into the box, and your prescription if you didn’t fill it in online. Leave the box in your mail and it will be shipped to us.

3. Lenses replaced and box sent back

When we receive your box and your prescription, we’ll get down to work. Together with the answers that you gave us online, we’ll replace any and all damaged lenses and send the box back to you with your refurbished eyewear.

Eyeglass Lenses Plastic Polycarbonate Hi-Index Glass
Single Vision $29.98 $39.98 $99.98 $119.98
Bifocal $39.98 $79.98 $129.98 $139.98
Trifocal $59.98 $89.98 N/A $159.98
Progressive $79.98 $99.98 $159.98 $225.98
Kodak Unique HD Progressive $114.98 $149.98 $219.98  
Varilux Comfort Progressive $129.98 $169.98 $259.98 $299.98
Varilux Physio Progressive $159.98 $199.98 $299.98 N/A


Polarized Sunglass Lenses Plastic Polycarbonate
Single Vision $88.98 $134.98
Bifocal $99.98 $174.98
Trifocal $119.98 $184.98
Progressive $139.98 $194.98
Varilux Comfort Progressive $189.98 $264.98
Varilux Physio Progressive $219.98 $294.98

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Replacement Lens Bifocal Glass -15.0%
  • SKU # BO_1
Replacement Lens Trifocal Glass -15.0%
  • SKU # BO_29