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The Affordable Option

The Liz Claiborne brand has always prided itself on being stylish yet affordable. And this brand has catered to the modern career woman since the 1970s.

Ms. Claiborne was, herself, a brilliant career woman, so she understood the style and sensibilities of such women.

As a successful career woman, you know the importance of quality and affordability – which is why you should consider ordering Liz Claiborne replacement lenses for your glasses or sunglasses.  

Liz Claiborne Replacement Lenses: the Epitome of Quality and Affordability

Ordering your Liz Claiborne replacement lenses online is an affordable way to get high-quality results. When you send your frames to, you’ll receive amazing results.

First, you’ll get the exact prescription specifications that you ordered, including the correct concave or convex lens features you need.

Next, we use the highest quality materials to fabricate your custom lenses.

And finally, we go above and beyond just replacing lenses. We make sure you get lenses that will serve you a long time by adding scratch- and damage-resistant coatings to the lenses. Your lenses will also have a UV protection layer, which adds even more value to your replacement lenses. – the Online Lens Replacement Company for the Modern Career Woman

If Ms. Claiborne were still alive, we’re sure she’d still be on the cutting edge of the most sophisticated, high-quality, and affordable trends. As it is, those running her brand are still very committed to this premise.

You can be, too, when you send your classic Claiborne frames to for replacement lenses. 


Eyeglass Lenses Plastic Polycarbonate Hi-Index Glass
Single Vision $29.98 $39.98 $99.98 $119.98
Bifocal $39.98 $79.98 $129.98 $139.98
Trifocal $59.98 $89.98 N/A $159.98
Progressive $79.98 $99.98 $159.98 $225.98
Kodak Unique HD Progressive $114.98 $149.98 $219.98  
Varilux Comfort Progressive $129.98 $169.98 $259.98 $299.98
Varilux Physio Progressive $159.98 $199.98 $299.98 N/A


Polarized Sunglass Lenses Plastic Polycarbonate
Single Vision $88.98 $134.98
Bifocal $99.98 $174.98
Trifocal $119.98 $184.98
Progressive $139.98 $194.98
Varilux Comfort Progressive $189.98 $264.98
Varilux Physio Progressive $219.98 $294.98

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Replacement Lens Bifocal Glass -15.0%
  • SKU # LCR_1
Replacement Lens Bifocal Hi-Index -15.0%
  • SKU # LCR_2
Replacement Lens Progressive Glass -15.0%
  • SKU # LCR_9
Replacement Lens Trifocal Glass -15.0%
  • SKU # LCR_29