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Damaging a pair of Nine West glasses is never fun.

What’s worse is not knowing where to get them fixed. Fortunately for you, you’re in the right place.

Here at we specialize in replacing Nine West lenses.

We Simplify Your Life

We know just how frustrating it can be not knowing where to send your glasses in for repair. This is why we exist here at We have created a simple platform to help you get started with placing an online order for Nine West replacement lenses.

The online questionnaire consists of you having to fill in a few simple details about your eyewear. These questions involve you telling us about the prescription your optician gave you, the type of lenses you want, the color of your lenses, and also filling in your address so we know where to send back your repaired glasses.

How We Operate

Once we have received your old frame with the damaged lenses, we refer to the answers you gave us on the online questionnaire you filled in. From here, we make custom lenses according to your optician’s prescription. We coat your lenses with anti-glare properties and UV protective coatings. We also incorporate anti-scratch properties so that the lenses don’t get scratched easily.

When we’re through with replacing the lenses, we give your glasses a final polish, pack them in a new glass case, enclose a cleaning kit, seal the box and ship it back to you, free of charge.

It couldn’t possibly be any simpler, could it?

Eyeglass Lenses Plastic Polycarbonate Hi-Index Glass
Single Vision $29.98 $39.98 $99.98 $119.98
Bifocal $39.98 $79.98 $129.98 $139.98
Trifocal $59.98 $89.98 N/A $159.98
Progressive $79.98 $99.98 $159.98 $225.98
Kodak Unique HD Progressive $114.98 $149.98 $219.98  
Varilux Comfort Progressive $129.98 $169.98 $259.98 $299.98
Varilux Physio Progressive $159.98 $199.98 $299.98 N/A


Polarized Sunglass Lenses Plastic Polycarbonate
Single Vision $88.98 $134.98
Bifocal $99.98 $174.98
Trifocal $119.98 $184.98
Progressive $139.98 $194.98
Varilux Comfort Progressive $189.98 $264.98
Varilux Physio Progressive $219.98 $294.98

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Replacement Lens Bifocal Glass -15.0%
  • SKU # NW_1
Replacement Lens Trifocal Glass -15.0%
  • SKU # NW_29