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Have you damaged or cracked your Prada sunglasses and need immediate Prada replacement lenses?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Here at EyeGlassPeople, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of online eyeglass replacement retailers. Having replaced more than 50,000 lenses and served thousands of happy customers, we encourage you to use our services – you won’t be disappointed!

How to Place a Prada Replacement Lenses Order on Our Site

When you place an order for Prada replacement lenses, you’ll be directed to a page with a five-step checkout process.

First, you’ll be asked to choose the type of lenses you want – prescription, reading or non-prescription.

Then you’ll be asked to choose a prescription type – single vision, bi-focal, progressive or trifocal.

The third step consists of filling in the type of lens you want between computer, sunglass, transitions, and clear lenses.

The fourth step entails you selecting the lens option – you’ll choose between standard, active and thin lenses.

Finally, you’ll be asked to either mail your prescription to us with your frames, or opt to send the prescription to us later via email. And that’s it!

How We Replace Prada Lenses

We value how special your eyewear is so this is why when working to replace name-brand items, we take even greater care.

Once we have received your frames (and prescription), we consider what the prescription dictates and select the appropriate lenses based on your unique eye needs.

From here, we proceed to choose the desired thickness of the lens and also whether it should be concave or convex.

Next, we replace the old lenses with the new ones, add all necessary tints (if need be), give your frames a final polish and clean, package them and send them back to you!

What Else Is Included in Our Service Package?

Our Prada replacement lenses package includes a free prepaid shipping label that allows you to send us your frame (and or prescription).

Also, every pair of returned eyeglasses or sunglasses is sent back to you with a case and cleaning kit.

All our lenses are customized to provide anti-reflective properties as well as shield your eyes from UV light. You never have to worry about the lenses getting scratched as they are also customized to have a scratch resistant surface.

How’s that for a convenient Prada replacement lenses option?

Eyeglass Lenses Plastic Polycarbonate Hi-Index Glass
Single Vision $29.98 $39.98 $99.98 $119.98
Bifocal $39.98 $79.98 $129.98 $139.98
Trifocal $59.98 $89.98 N/A $159.98
Progressive $79.98 $99.98 $159.98 $225.98
Kodak Unique HD Progressive $114.98 $149.98 $219.98  
Varilux Comfort Progressive $129.98 $169.98 $259.98 $299.98
Varilux Physio Progressive $159.98 $199.98 $299.98 N/A


Polarized Sunglass Lenses Plastic Polycarbonate
Single Vision $88.98 $134.98
Bifocal $99.98 $174.98
Trifocal $119.98 $184.98
Progressive $139.98 $194.98
Varilux Comfort Progressive $189.98 $264.98
Varilux Physio Progressive $219.98 $294.98

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Replacement Lens Bifocal Glass -15.0%
  • SKU # PR_1
Replacement Lens Trifocal Glass -15.0%
  • SKU # PR_29