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Do you need Ralph Lauren replacement lenses today?

Look no further, you’ve come to the right place here at EyeGlassPeople.com

Entrust Your Lens Replacement Needs to Us

Ralph Lauren eyewear is among some of the most sophisticated in the world. And when you need a replacement for damaged lenses, you can’t just rely on any old retailer to fix your precious pair of shades. You need experts who know exactly what they are doing. This is where we come in.

Not only are we one of the leading lens replacement retailers on the market today, but we are one of the few who provide an online solution for it. This is one of the things that sets us apart and has endeared us to thousands of people.

Lens Replacement as Easy as ABC

Replacing lenses shouldn’t be a complex process. It should be simple. Our philosophy is that we go out of our way to make our process as easy as ABC.

We have designed and put in place a basic online lens replacement ordering form that allows you to share with us what your needs are. You are required to input details regarding your eyewear such as the type of lens you want, the color of the lens you desire, the prescription given to you by your eye doctor and also input your address so we know where to return the repaired glasses.

Once you complete the form online and we have received a copy, we will send you a box so you can place your damaged glasses in. The box is sent back to us because it has a prepaid shipping label. Then we fix and replace your lenses and send the box back to you. Easy, right?

Eyeglass Lenses Plastic Polycarbonate Hi-Index Glass
Single Vision $29.98 $39.98 $99.98 $119.98
Bifocal $39.98 $79.98 $129.98 $139.98
Trifocal $59.98 $89.98 N/A $159.98
Progressive $79.98 $99.98 $159.98 $225.98
Kodak Unique HD Progressive $114.98 $149.98 $219.98  
Varilux Comfort Progressive $129.98 $169.98 $259.98 $299.98
Varilux Physio Progressive $159.98 $199.98 $299.98 N/A


Polarized Sunglass Lenses Plastic Polycarbonate
Single Vision $88.98 $134.98
Bifocal $99.98 $174.98
Trifocal $119.98 $184.98
Progressive $139.98 $194.98
Varilux Comfort Progressive $189.98 $264.98
Varilux Physio Progressive $219.98 $294.98

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Replacement Lens Bifocal Glass -15.0%
  • SKU # RL_1
Replacement Lens Trifocal Glass -15.0%
  • SKU # RL_29