Single Vision Plastic

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Single vision lenses have your prescription power throughout entire lens.  They are the simplest and least expensive replacement type.

About Plastic Lenses:

Plastic lenses are made with a material called CR39 Optical Plastic. 

Least expensive lens

Only recommended for prescriptions of + / - 2.00 and below.

50% lighter and less breakable than glass lenses.  

Scratch resistant coating is available as uncoated plastic lenses scratch very easily.  

Note: Plastic Lens cannot be used for Drilled Rimless Frames. Choose Polycarbonate or Hi Index Lens for Drilled Rimless Frames.

What type of frame do you have?: Full Plastic or Metal Frame Semi Rimless or Groove
Reading or Distance?: Reading Distance
UV Protection & Scratch Coatings : None Scratch & UV Bundle
Anti Reflective Coatings: None Onyx (Good)Diamond (Better )Crizal Avance (Best)
Transitions: NoneTransitions 7 (Brown) Transitions 7 (Grey)Transitions XTRActive (Grey)Transitions Vantage (Grey)Transitions Drivewear (Brown)
Tint (Color): NoneBrownGreyPinkBlueYellowGreen
Tint (%): None10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%
Polished Edges: Yes (Recommended for Drill Mount or Semi-Rimless Frames) No
Ultrasonic Bath?: NoYes
Cleaning Kit?: NoYes
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anna L (Oklahoma City , OK)

I use my glasses for distance and I recommend this service to any tired of paying to much for glasses. They did an excellent job on my glasses.

Jarmilla B (Mount Vernon, NY)

great quality!

Angelique C (HOLBROOK, Massachusetts)

No complaints, i am very pleased.

Megan P (Ellicott City, MD)

Excellent customer service. When my glasses first arrived the prescription was wrong and when I emailed I received a quick reply and free shipping to send them back to get them fixed. I was contacted when they were on their way back and they were perfect the 2nd time. Wonderful communication!
What if I have an astigmatism?
1. Do you ship to Canada? If so, do you also arrange 2-way shipping, i.e. UPS pickup? Is there a cost? 2. I want ordinary single-vision plastic lenses @ -2.25 for both eyes. Is that a problem for you (given that you suggest a limit of -2.00)?
What if I don't have a prescription, and just want to get plastic nonprescription lenses added to my existing frames? How would I place an order? Especially pertaining to the 'Reading or Distance?' part of the form.
What is the best tint % to use if I am ordering sunglass lenses? 80%?
What type of frame do you have?*:

Reading or Distance?*:

Reading or Distance?

UV Protection & Scratch Coatings *:
Anti Reflective Coatings*:

Tint (Color)*:

Tint (%)*:

Polished Edges*:

Ultrasonic Bath?*:

Give your glasses a bath!  We'll put your glasses in our ultrasonic cleaning machine to blast away any dirt, making your glasses like new again.

Cleaning Kit?*:

Includes a 2oz spray bottle of cleaning solution and a microfiber cleaning cloth to keep those lenses looking as shiny as the day you got them!

Send the bottle back for a FREE refill with any future lens purchase.

Enter PD*: